Music Writers inspire us!

We've been honored to receive some great press over the past few years as a band. Here are five articles written by music writers that inspire us, and the reasons behind that inspiration. 


Royal Blood Self Titled - Jeremy Hart

This review by Jeremy Hart of is particularly special as we came across it during a turning point for us as a band. Formerly a 3-piece band, we had just lost our drummer and were trying to figure out how we should move forward. We had discussions about proceeding as a 2-piece but doubts crept in as we wondered if it was something we could pull off. We've been fans of Royal Blood for a while and Jeremy's enthusiastic and creative description of the band's sound inspired us, so here we are. We've been displaying the 2-piece juggernaut for the last 8 months, which has coincided with the most successful period we've ever had as musicians, so I'd say we made the right decision. Thanks for the inspiring words, Jeremy!


Tame Impala Currents - Ian Cohen

As fans of Tame Impala, there are few words written that can capture our full appreciation of their music. Ian does a masterful job of reaching deep to detail the raw emotion found in the songs. He also speaks in a language we can understand, by writing about the more technical aspects of songwriting and sound selection. A review should clue a future listener in to what they will find upon first listen, and this review does exactly that.


Brand New 3 Demos, Reworked - Ryan Bray

As we're very quick to admit, Brand New is one of our favorite bands. When you click an article to read a writers opinion on one of your favorite bands, you do so with a nervousness in your gut. When a writer takes the time to get the story right, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Ryan is up to date on the Brand New saga, with all of its twists and turns, and he ties it all in with an honest approach to what the songs say to him and what could've been done differently.


Local Love: Catch Fever - David Garrick

Every band needs an advocate, a catalyst, an early adopter who believes in them from the start and helps in spreading the gospel that is your art. David Garrick is that person for Catch Fever. In early 2014, we released our first record "Shiny Eyes" to a full house at Warehouse Live in Houston. We were introduced to David that evening and handed him a copy of the newly pressed record, hoping that he might like it enough to give it a brief mention on What came of that exchange was more than just a glowing was affirmation for a young band that needed it. It served a purpose far greater than just boosting our egos or even helping to get our music into the ears of new fans. This review was a motivator for us. A motivator to keep going, to work harder, to continuously improve. This review helped shaped who we are as a band and as individuals.


St Vincent Self Titled - Jessica Hopper

It's always refreshing to find someone who is fully committed to their calling in life. Jessica Hopper is that. You can sense a passion for great music in every review she writes. We love her review of St Vincent's Self Titled almost more than we love St Vincent's Self Titled record; and that's a lot!! Jessica has published books and is all in on her life as a music critic. Here's to her always writing about great music.